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SUPERGREEN® ROSE FOOD 6-12-7 is a fast acting fertilizer to promote strong plants and big, beautiful blooms.

Rose Food | 6-12-7

  • Individual plants:
    New roses: Mix 200 g (1/2 lb) of SUPERGREEN Rose Food 6-12-7 into the soil at the bottom of the planting hole. Cover soil with 1 cm (1/2 in) of soil before planting.
    Established roses: In spring, work 200 g (1/2 lb) into the surface of the soil around each rose.
    Climbing roses: Double the quantities indicated.

    Established beds:
    In the spring when roses have 10-12 cm (4-6 in) of new growth, spread 900 g per 11 m2 (2 lb/120 ft2) of rose bed. Work lightly into the surface of the soil. Repeat up to twice more during the season.

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