Supergreen Soil Acidifier acidifies the soil making growing conditions more desirable for acid loving plants. Use on blue hydrangeas, blueberries, azaleas, and acid-loving trees / shrubs. Also, an essential plant nutrient, sulphur aids seed formation, and the maintenance of dark green foliage.

Soil Acidifier

  • Single plant: apply 100 g (3.5 oz) around each plant in early spring. Work well into the soil. Repeat application once more in the fall.

    Broadcast: To reduce pH by one point, apply to soil at the following rates:

    Soil Type kg per 10 m² lb per 100 ft²
    Sand ¾
    Sandy loam ¾ 1.5
    Loam 1 2.25

    Higher rates will be required on fine-textured clay soils and soils with a pH of ≥ 7.3.

    Do not exceed label application rates. Lowering the pH below 5 may cause plant nutrient deficiencies.